Darii sets eyes on two Uintah High School swim records

Artur Darii is locked into breaking a couple of Uintah High School swimming records before his career is finished next month.

The senior is on the verge of breaking the 100-yard breaststroke and the 200-yard individual medley record.

“I came really close to breaking the 200-yard individual medley relay last year,” Darii said. “I feel that I can do it this year.”

Darii said his fastest time in the 100-yard breaststroke is 1:04. The school record is 1:01.11 set by Tyler Herrman set in 2016.

“I’m not too worried about the time,” Darii explained. “With taper I should be able to drop that time.”

The best time for Darii in the 200-yard individual medley is a 2:04.56. Brennan Blackburn has the school record in 2:04.05.

“I was a touch away from getting the school record last year,” Darii said.

Darii believes his hard work in practice will be critical down the stretch.

“I feel like I’m putting in a lot of effort in our practices,” he said. “It’s not going exactly the pace that I want it to be. I wanted to have faster times today (Thursday), but I’m going to trust the process. By the end of the season, I should have some pretty good times.”

Darii is one of the team captains this winter for the boys team.

“Artur is swimming really well for us,” Uintah coach Wendy Harris said. “He brings a lot to the team. He helps motivate the kids. He is very respectful with all of his teammates.”

Harris said she is confident in putting Darii anywhere in the lineup and he will score points for the team.

“He does everything really well,” Harris said. “

The Uintah boys remained undefeated in region play(is “play” the right word here?) after beating Stansbury 196-81 at the Uintah Community Center pool Jan. 12.

The Lady Utes fell to the Lady Stallions 168102. The contest marked the final home meet of the season for the Uintah program.

“Our team performed really well in the meet,” Harris said. “They should be tired right now during this point of the season because they are ready for taper. That is where they should be dropping a whole bunch of time.”

Harris said Uintah has one of the biggest boys teams in Region 7 this winter.

“The numbers are helping them,” she added. “They are all working really hard to help each other. Our girls just have small numbers this year.”

The seniors honored in the meet with Stansbury were Darii, Alec Rimmasch, Briel Pettit, Grant Moulton, Alison Valadez, Joseph Spencer, Hadlee Thomas and Evie Sheffer.

“I’m going to miss the seniors,” Harris said.”Every year you want them to be super seniors, but they are off to better things. We wish them luck in whatever they want to do.”

Uintah results Boys 200-yard medley relay – 1. Uintah, 1:45.58.

200-yard freestyle – 1. Jagger Morton, 1:54.90; 2. Andrew Hunt. 2:11.87.

200-yard individual medley – 1. Artur Darii, 2:11.18; 2. Grant Moulton, 2:32.43.

50-yard freestyle – 1. Wyatt Kiever, 23.90; 2. Paul Buschkowsky, 25.84.

100-yard butterfly – 1.

Kyle Rimmasch, 1:06.96; 2. Paul Buschkowsky, 1:09.88.

100-yard freestyle – 1. Jagger Morton, 51.42; 2. Wake Murray, 57.45.

500-yard freestyle – 1. Wyatt Kiever, 5:31.95; 2. Andrew Hunt, 6:02.43.

200-yard freestyle relay – 1. Uintah (Artur Darii, Wake Murray, Wyatt Keiver, Jagger Morton) 1:37.72.

100-yard backstroke – 1. Artur Darii, 1:01.82; 2. Grant Moulton, 1:05.16.

100-yard breaststroke – 2. Wake Murray, 1:21.07; 3. Kasey Partlow, 1:23.28.

400-yard freestyle relay – 1. Uintah (Grant Moulton, Jaiden Jackson, Jaten Barraclough, Paul Buschkowsky) 3:56.10.

Girls 200-yard medley relay – 2. Uintah (Karina Mendez, Alison Valadez, Daizy Wilson, Briel Pettit) 2:16.15.

200-yard freestyle – 2. Hadlee Thomas, 2:29.65; 3. Tracie Valadez, 2:38.91.

200- yard individual medley – 2. Sasha Runolfson, 2:50.90; 3. Karina Mendez, 3:09.13.

50-yard freestyle – 2. Daizy Wilson. 30.57; 3.

Evie Sheffer, 33.13.

100-yard butterfly – 3.

Alison Valadez, 1:13.97; 2. Briel Pettit, 1:36.81.

100-yard freestyle – 3. Tracie Valadez, 1:09.97.

500-yard freestyle – 2. Hadlee Thomas, 6:39.61; 4. Daizy Wilson, 7:01.10.

200-yard freestyle relay – 2. Uintah (Alison Valadez, Tracie Valadez, Sasha Runolfson, Briel Pettit) 1:59.99.

100-yard backstroke – 2. Sasha Runolfson, 1:23.54; 4. Briel Pettit, 1:27.38.

100-yard breaststroke – 3. Madyson Olsen, 1:52.85.

400-yard freestyle relay – 1. Uintah (Sasha Runofson, Tracie Valadez, Karina Mendez, Daizy Wilson) 4:44.24.