Vernal city votes for property sale

by AdriAnne Larsen

The Vernal City Council moved to sell a property it owns at 43 South and 100 West at its regular meeting March 1.

The city has owned the property for quite some time and it does have tenants currently renting the space.

It was shared that several business owners have approached the city and city council members about purchasing the property for their own businesses. It was also mentioned that many of those that inquired wanted to add a drive-thru to the property and would not be interested if that wasn’t a possibility.

The city council and city officials decided that a drive-thru in this location would not be feasible.

After some lengthy discussion, city councilman Ted Munford motioned to sell the property through a request-for-proposal process. All other city council members except for city councilman Corey Foley supported the motion.

An RFP process means the city council will accept proposals from those interested in the property and choose who will be given the opportunity to purchase the property.

The city council also decided that, when looking at proposals, it would be focused on how the applicants would improve the exterior of the structure in order to align with the city’s efforts to improve the downtown area.

A time frame for the RFP has not yet been decided.