Personal history influences local author’s latest novel

Local author, KB Benson, will be releasing the first book of her next fantasy series and she says it’s her most personal story yet.

Benson graduated with a jour nalism degree from Utah Valley University and started working in that field. She quickly real ized that what she loved about writing was not writing about real events. She went back to her childhood roots of writing imaginary tales with magical worlds and characters.

When Benson was younger she spent much of her time writing short stories and sharing with close friends and family members. After leaving journal ism, Benson started seriously writing again in 2016. She published a trilogy of fantasy novels titled, “Call of the Sirens,” in 2018-2019 with a publishing house and republished them in 2021 herself.

With this new series and specifically this first book in the series, Benson pulled a lot from her personal life in order to give the characters in the book emotional depth and disposition.

In 2020, Benson’s four-monthold son was diagnosed with a heart condition that went unseen when he was born. Benson and her family spent weeks in the hospital while doctors and nurses cared for her baby boy. Her new book was intended to be a different story but as she started writing it and editing it, it really became something deeper.

“Writing this book was an exploration of the strength that has come from those dark days in the hospital,” said Benson. “I felt so much fear, sorrow, and darkness during those days in the hospital.”

She says that this book really explores the strength that it took to get through those difficult days.

Benson is planning on this series having an overarching theme of finding strength in different places, with each book exploring topics such as finding strength in your past, finding strength in togetherness, and finding strength in kindness.

The book is titled “Well of Eida,” and is available for preorder on Amazon and Etsy before Feb. 3 and on Amazon only after Feb. 3.

To learn more about Benson, visit her website at To preorder her new book visit Well-Eida-Fantasy-Fallen-Kingdoms-ebook/dp/ B0BHJHYPMT and on Etsy at https://www.etsy. com/listing/1304314649/ preorder-signed-copy-ofwell-of-eida.