8th-annual UBTech President’s Champions Gala

UBTech held its annual President’s Champions Gala this week. The well-attended event honored the individuals who have made a difference in the lives of the students at UBTech.

Before the awards presentation, UBTech auto technician student Delphine Warren talked about her appreciation for UBTech on behalf of all students who’ve received scholarships.

“The schooling received at UBTech not only made a difference in my life but in the lives of my children as well,” said Warren.

The 2022-2023 UBTech Student of the Year, Ella Cook, spoke about her great grandfather who fought in World War II and was a big influence in her life. Cook talked about his decision to drop out of school his junior year.

“That was my 99-yearold great grandpa’s biggest regret,” said Cook.

She said her great grandfather has repeatedly told her, “Never stop learning, go get an education.” That advice is what drives her to this day.

Dan and Polly Karren were awarded The UBTech Way award for their efforts in celebrating diversity and enhancing inclusion in our communities. Bill Ryan was awarded the President’s Champion award for extraordinary service in support of UBTech’s mission and students. Pastor Dee Cairoli was also awarded The UBTech Way award for his efforts in celebrating diversity and enhancing inclusion in our communities.

UBTech President Aaron Weight was pleased to host this eighth-annual gala. Other awardees that weren’t able to attend include Leo Thorsen, receiving The UBTech Way award, and Beverly Evans, who joined virtually via Zoom and was awarded a President’s Champion award.

The event was catered by the UBTech culinary students.